Get better everyday.

Imagine how good you'd be if you stick to your habits for an year.
Hint: 37 times better!

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Get better everyday.

With your Habit Journal

Journal once a day

Once a day, everyday, is enough.

Go about your day as usual, and journal your habits before going to bed. Doesn't take much time and easier to stick to.

Share with friends and family

Build accountability and achieve your goals together.

Share your public habit journal with family and friends to build accountability or start a friendly competition.

Visualize your progress

See a beautiful timeline of your progress.

See your progress over time, top habits, longest streaks and get motivated to keep going.

All your habits in one place

Track as many habits as you want.

Create new habits and visualize all your habits in one place with no hassle.

Get Started in 3 Steps


Join Habit Journal


Add a habit

Add your first habit to your Journal. For example, Running, Reading, Walking, etc.


Journal once a day

At the end of each day, journal which habits you did. That's it! 🎉

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask everything you need to know about our product and offerings.

How is it free?

I made Habit Journal for myself. Later on I felt it could help people build habits and achieve their goals. So, I made it free. You can support me by sharing it with your friends and family.

Is this app for me?

If you're someone who gets distracted easily by delving into tons of features other apps offer rather than actually doing the work. So, if you want a no bullshit app to track your habits, look no further.

How do the public habits work?

By default, all your habits and their journal entries are private. However, if you want to share your progress publicly you can turn habits into "public" and share your unique profile URL. Only the habits made public by you are shown on this page.

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